The Newland Insurgency

Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th May, 2024
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This is a special themed event with different rules and setup to our normal games.

A hybrid of a Sunday Skirmish, a BattleSim and a Mil-Sim, this event features a backstory to build and enhance the immersion and realism. The Newland Insurgency is the second in a series of two day events hosted at Ground Zero Airsoft (organisers of the National Airsoft Festival) located in Ringwood, Hampshire.

This event is a more scripted and organised game than our usual skirmishes, aimed at realism and immersion in the storyline that accompanies the missions and objectives. These will be decided on the outcome of the events that precede them, in an ever changing storyline where the outcome of this game will forge the next chapter. If you like MilSim or BattleSim style games but don't want to go the whole hog, then this is the event for you.

All patrols, missions and objectives for the Special Operations Task Force will be issued by team commanders in your Garrison or FOB. The game will feature medic rules, with the Special Operations Task Force forces having ammo limits along with rules of engagement. Gameplay will stop on Saturday night and begin again on Sunday morning.

The site shop (run by Zero One Airsoft) and our resident burger van will be open on site, but there will be no other stalls at this event.

Camping is included for all participants; or you are welcome to go home at the end of day 1 and come back for the game to resume on day 2.

There will be no armband identification at this event. For realism, the factions will be identified by the clothing that they wear. There are several choices for each team.


per person, including camping.

Sorry, booking has now closed.

Full payment must be made at the time of booking.
Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been made.
Location: Newland/Murdistan Border Region, North East Zamona Territories.

It's been a year since Operation : Red Trident and much has changed. Although the last battle was not a decisive victory for either faction, it highlighted the plight of the people against a brutal dictatorship that was being propped up by the West. With international condemnation the country was forced into its first democratically voted government and leader. In a great celebration of freedom, the country was renamed to "Newland" to recognise its new beginning as a modern country. The new government made great moves to improve the economy and living conditions for its people, but at a cost. The country's mineral recourses were opened up to international mining corporations and western businesses started to open up shop all over Newland. This caused some concerns with the people of Newland who still remember the western world as being a supporter of the old Dictator. A Dictator who treated his people with disregard and brutality.

As tensions rise between the new government and the people, more laws are passed in an attempt to secure the Government’s control. The final straw was the declaration that all former Peoples Liberation Force’s must hand in their weapons or be classed as terrorists. The very same people who put the current Government in power! When the majority of the PLF refused to hand in their weapon's, the Government called on its new western allies to help with security, and to stabilise Newland.

This was the final straw for the PLF and its leaders, who had given the new Government every chance to do the right thing, and the remaining PLF members moved across the border to Murdistan.

That was four months ago. Since then, the PLF have been building up troops and supplies, ready to bring the fight back to Newland. A fight that is coming sooner than the Newland Government expects.

The Peoples Liberation Force
Since their betrayal at the hands of their new Government, the PLF, with the support of the Murdistan military and security services, have been growing their numbers. Weapons, food and medical supplies have been stockpiled along with modern communication equipment. PLF numbers have been boosted by an increase in foreign fighters and mercenary's, who have flocked to Murdistan to offer their support to the PLF. Along with additional training and manpower provided by the Murdistan government, the PLF are ready to start operations across the border. It's time to retake Newland… it's time for the insurgency!

There is a lot to be done before a direct attack against the Newland Government can be organised. Many munitions, equipment and manpower must be moved across the border in preparation for this. As well as building up stockpiles, the PLF must secure an area of land inside Newland to launch their future operations from. This will involve the control of the villages and settlements in the border area. We expect most of the local population to show little loyalty the Newland Government. Any that do must be shown the errors of their ways.

The Special Operations Task Force
The Government of Newland has appealed to the UN for help with a growing terrorist threat from across the border, as well as from within. NATO has deployed military forces across Newland's population centres to help contain unrest, and to assist in policing actions. In addition, a Special Operations Task Force, made up of Tier 1 and Tier 2 entities, has been setup to conduct counter-insurgency operations in the border region.

The task force will be deployed to the Newland / Murdistan border in an attempt to slow down or stop the movement of men, munitions and equipment across the border. As well as stopping the PLF from crossing the border, you will also need to hunt down any who have infiltrated into Newland already.

The PLF will be doing everything it can to win over the few population centres located along the border ,and everything must be done to maintain control of these areas in the name of the Newland Government. Insurgency's can only prevail with the help of the local people.

As well as numerous enemy equipment cache's that need to be found and monitored, reconnaissance of the area must be conducted to gain a detailed idea of the crossing points and routes the PLF are using to traverse the border region.
Peoples Liberation Force - The Newland Insurgency
Peoples Liberation Force
Rebel Forces

The PLF patrol in random groups and attack anyone that gets in the way of liberation. They deploy underhand tactics where needed. You can carry as much ammo as you wish.

Faction Requirements
Any plain (non-camo) mix of colours are permitted. Some suggestions are below.
Please note that on the day, if your camo causes confusion with identification then you will be asked to wear something else - i.e. Multicam Black is an issue for both sides
Dark Earth
Limited to 150 troops (85 slots remaining)
Special Operations Task Force - The Newland Insurgency
Special Operations Task Force

Magazines can be of any capacity. Medic rules mean you can be revived in-game and do not need to go to a dead zone.

Faction Requirements
Any camo types are permitted, no plain colours. Some suggestions are below.
Please note that on the day, if your camo causes confusion with identification then you will be asked to wear something else - i.e. Multicam Black is an issue for both sides
Tiger Stripe
Limited to 150 troops (89 slots remaining)

Infil Location

Latt: 50.86125069677604, Long: -1.810705864226069

GZ is located just outside the New Forest in Ringwood, Hampshire.

Our what3words location is ///surprises.strictest.sprayer

Our postcode is BH24 2DF which will take you to the entrance road of the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the FPS limits?
Our FPS Limits are always measured with a 0.20g BB

  • 350 FPS with an AEG / pistol (must not exceed 1.14 joules)

  • 425 FPS semi-automatic (with a 4 second pause between shots to simulate cocking) (1.68 joules )

  • 500 FPS with a bolt action rifle (maximum 2.32 joules)

Minimum engagement range for any gun firing over 350 FPS is 30 meters.
To be classed as semi auto at 425 FPS, the gun must have no full auto capability at all.

Zero One Airsoft have made a handy dandy FPS calculator to help you work out what your gun is firing at.
What time can I arrive?
Saturday morning from 0600hrs
What is the schedule of play?
Saturday -
0600hrs: Gates Open
1000hrs: Safety Brief
1030hrs: Game Start
1800hrs: Game End

Sunday -
0930hrs: Game Update
1000hrs: Game Resumes
1700hrs: Game End
Is there drinking water on site?
Yes, there is a supply of fresh water on site.
What is the minimum age?
14 years old and upwards.
Can I attend for one of the days?
There are no one day passes for this event.
Can I come on my own or do I have to be part of a team?
You can do either, teams are welcome but your team commander will assign groups each time an objective or patrol is needed.
Can I bring a generator?
Yes, but please operate it at sensible times or marshals may ask you to shut it down.
Can I bring a dog?
No, I am afraid the estate do not allow us to have dogs on site.
Can I use pyro on site?
Hot burning pyros, like Enola Gaye, TLSFx or Danger Zone are not allowed, not even the ring pull versions.

If you want to use grenades then purchase either a blank firing grenade (9mm or below) or something that uses gas or compressed air to fire. Please note that due to some BFGs not being "proof" marked we are only able to allow Dynatex to use 9mm blanks, and all other makes can use .209 primer shells.
How far is the parking from the campsite?
The game area is less than 5 minutes from the camping area.
Can I bring a caravan or campervan?
Yes, but you must use that as your living, sleeping and socializing area. You will not be permitted to pitch a tent or a marquee in addition to your caravan (excluding awning) as it will occupy too much space forcing others to camp further away than necessary. Please also note that this is a field being used and not a campsite, so there are no electrical hookups or anywhere to dump your chemical toilets!
Are there any showers?
No, I am afraid we do not have showers on site.
Are there battery & phone charging facilities?
We do offer NiMH, NiCd and LiPo battery charging facilities in the main field however there is always a long queue. If possible please make sure you have enough batteries/charge in them to last you.

We do not offer sockets for phone charging.
Are HPA guns allowed?
They are permitted, as long as they conform to our normal FPS limits and have the ability to be tournament locked. This applies to ALL HPA guns regardless of make or model and there will be no exclusions. If you do not have the ability to tournament lock the gun, then you will not be able to use it.
Can I make a camp fire or use a BBQ?
BBQ's must be mounted off the ground on their stands, not directly on the grass. Any fire within your BBQ that isn't for cooking purposes comes under the category of open camp fires. Camp fires will be permitted with the following conditions: Any fire must be above ground level, in a metal container. There will be a designated "fire" camping zone that is out in the open, away from any trees and dry wood. If you want a fire, you must pitch your camp in this area - any fire outside of this zone will be extinguished.
What are the medic/dead rules?
First Hit: Any player can use YOUR token to revive you.

Second Hit: Only a team medic (from any team) can revive you using one of their tokens.

Third Hit: You are DEAD and must return to your regen area.

If you do not get medical assistance after 5 minutes of being hit, you will bleed out and must return to your regen area.
I've lost my booking details, how can I find them?
Head over to our Booking Recovery Form and we can send you an email with your booking details on.
If I do not camp, does the price change?
The price includes free camping, whether you choose to stay or not. There is no discount if you choose to leave the site as facilities have already been organised.
Can I wear a ghillie suit?
The SOTF troops can wear ghillie suits, because they have been issued them.

PLF were not prepared for the invasion, and do not have such resources available to them.

The correct base camo must still be worn under your ghillie suit. It will be your responsibility to make sure you are not shot by your own team.